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IWRM Training-1


IWRM-1 Participants

Sl. No. Name Gender Designation Office Nigama/ WRDO/   Others
1 Latha   Hiremath Female Assistant   Engineer O/o   Chief engineer, Irrigation central zone, Munirabad KNNL
2 Manasa   Kashyap S Female Assistant   Engineer Upper   Bhadra, Div No.2, B.R.Project KNNL
3 Ramachandra   T.N. Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, KBJNL Dam Sub-division, Narayanapura KBJNL
4 Ranganatha Male Junior   Engineer Junior   Engineer Assistant Executive Engineer, No.3, BRLBC, Military Camp,   Bhadravathi KNNL
5 Hafeezunnisa Female Assistant   Engineer Director,   Geomatics Center, WRDO, Bangalore WRDO
6 Ashok   Biradar Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   executive Engineer,Gauging sub-division Bagalkot WRDO
7 Ramesh Male Junior   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, Irrigation Investigation Div, Bidar WRDO
8 Veena   S.S. Female Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, Irrigation Investigation Div, Bidar WRDO
9 Vijaykumar   G Male Assistant   Engineer No.2,   HLC Sub-Division, Kurugodu KNNL
10 Anand Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, No.20 Hemavathi Canal Sub-Division, Yediyur CNNL
11 Anilkumar   G. Patil Male Assistant   Engineer BLIS   Sub-Division, No.3, Afzalpur KNNL
12 Bala   Subramanya Male Junior   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, KBJNL,Gate sub-division, Narayanpur KBJNL
13 Chandrakanth   Koli Male Assistant   Engineer Executive   Engineer, KBJNL, IBC O&M Division, No.8, Zalki KBJNL
14 Lingaraju   G.B. Male Junior   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, Dam Sub- Division, Gorur CNNL
15 Manhanthesh   S. Patil Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer Gauzing sub-division, Bagalkot WRDO
16 Nanda   Bidari Female Junior   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, KBJNL, IBC Sub-Div No.33, Rampur KBJNL
17 Nethra   M.V. Female Assistant   Engineer Executive   Engineer, No.1,Irrigation Investigation Div, Mysore WRDO
18 Nirmala   M.V. Female Assistant   Engineer Superintending   Engineer, Irrigation Investigation Circle, Mysore WRDO
19 Pankajakshi   M G Female Assistant   Engineer Upper   Bhadra Project, Div No.3, Ajjampura KNNL
20 Patil   N.N. Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, KBJNL, ARBC sub-division, Kamthgi KBJNL
21 Pradeep   Devaramani Male Assistant   Engineer Executive   Engineer, No.3 Irrigation Investigation Div, Dharwad WRDO
22 Raghavendra   M Male Assistant   Engineer Executive   Engineer, KNNL, No.6, canal Divion, Fort, Bellary KNNL
23 Ravi   S Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer, No.20, Hemavathi LBC Sub-Division, K.R. Pete CNNL
24 Sandesha   M Male Assistant   Engineer Assistant   Executive Engineer , KNNL, GLBC Sub-div No.1, Ghataprabha, Gokak Taluk   Belgaum Dist KNNL
25 Siddesh   K.B. Male Assistant   Engineer Office   of the Chief Engineer, Upper Bhadra Zone, Chitradurga KNNL
26 Sreepeeta   S Kumbavath Male Assistant   Engineer Executive   Engineer, KBJNL, IBC Div No.2, Almel KBJNL
27 Sridhar   B.M. Male Assistant   Executive Engineer Kabini   Nala Investigation Sub-div, Kollegala CNNL
28 Suma   K Female Assistant   Engineer Superintending   Engineer, Irrigation Investigation Circle, Mysore WRDO
29 Vijaykumar   S Patil Male Assistant   Engineer Bannethora   Dam Sub-division, Harasur KNNL
30 Vinaya   C. Kulkarni Male Assistant   Engineer Office   of the Chief Engineer, Irrigation (North)Zone, Belagavi KNNL

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