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Water use efficiency and water productivity improvement are necessary as the irrigation efficacy and water management in India has to improve a lot. Moreover, the hydrological data base and resource estimations also need to improve. The facilities in Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Israel and in few western countries, the resource estimations, irrigation management systems and surface and ground water monitoring systems are at advanced stage. There is a need for exposure and training to our engineers at Centres of Excellence in Water Resources Management at International level for specialised topics on river basin modelling, river basin planning, gauging, operational best practices; etc. Hence, ACIWRM developed an international training plan together with study tours and placements for gaining the new knowledge and skill to WRD engineers. The new knowledge gained will be useful to address the challenges of local conditions, as the resource availability in time and space are varying to meet the emerging needs of various sectors.

List of Trainings

Sl No Training Date Venue No of Participants Participants List Photos
1 Water Accounting+ using RS & GIS 25-07-2016 to
IHE Delft, The Netherlands 2 1) Mr. Madhava, Registrar, ACIWRM
2) Dr. P. Somasekhar Rao, Director, ACIWRM
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2 River basin modeling using source (Batch-1) 14-11-2016 to
eWater, Australia 6 1) Mr. Manohar V Rotte
2) Dr. D. Pundarika Rao
3) Ms. Rashmi. K
4) Mr. Siddaraj H.P
5) Mr. Tejukumar N
6) Mr. Niranjan C.B
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3 River basin modeling using source (Batch-2) 04-09-2017 to
eWater, Australia 6 1) Ms. Aruna
2) Ms. Usha K
3) Mr. Sunil Kumar S
4) Ms. Anoosha
5) Mr. Praveen Kumar A
6) Mr. Sreepeetha K
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4 Placement on DAMSAFE project 14-02-2018 to
Deltares, The Netherlands   View Here
5 River basin modeling using source (Batch-3) 25-02-2019 to
eWater, Australia 8 1) Ms. Hafeezunnisa
2) Mr. Yogesha M
3) Ms. Harshitha B.V
4) Ms. Poornima R
5) Mr. Avinash G.B
6) Mr. Ravi S
7) Mr. Raghavendra
8) Mr. Ravikumar
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6 International Best Practices in Hydrology (Batch-1) 04-03-2019 to
NIWA, The Netherlands 9 1) Mr. Manohar V Rotte
2) Mr. Subhash G Patil
3) Mr. Mallikarjuna Setru
4) Mr. Pradeep Devaramani
5) Mr. Anand Kamalakar
6) Ms. Sharanavva Kariholi
7) Ms. Nirmala M.V
8) Ms. Nethra M.V
9) Mr. Prasad B.N
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7 International Best Practices in Hydrology (Batch-2) 02-03-2020 to
NIWA, The Netherlands 12 1) Mr. Bharath Kumar Dandiganahalli Srinivasappa
2) Ms. Bharati Raju Surpur
3) Ms. Chinmayi Hassan Vishwanath
4) Ms. Deepika Sukumar
5) Mr. Mahadevagouda Huttangoudar
6) Mr. Noor Mohammed Ashwaq Hussain
7) Ms. Priyanka Sadashivappa
8) Ms. Rachana Kulakarni
9) Ms. Sangeetha Parthasarthy
10) Ms. Sindhu Ranoji Rao Varne
11) Mr. Thajuddin Ubaid Bolanthoor Mane
12) Mr. VijayKumar Shankar Divate
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