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Stakeholder participation and communication are necessary to ensure successful IWRM, which aims to manage the resources of the river basin in a sustainable manner. Stakeholder participation allows to draw on the experiences of a range of stakeholders and involve their diverse knowledge to ensure that the focus of water development and management plans are suitable for the basin. ACIWRM recognises that broad stakeholder engagement is fundamental especially in terms of acceptability, equity, and sustainability of water resources management.

ACIWRM remains committed to stakeholder and community participation (including women and vulnerable groups) in river basin planning, water resources management and irrigation system management. Stakeholder participation is defined and referred to in all key KISWRMIP activities and remains one of basin-wide strategic priorities to ensure wide input and commitment to support basin development plans.

Recognising the multiple interests involved in the basin and the importance of a shared and informed understanding of different stakeholder perspectives, the ACIWRM continues to implement various activities to strengthen cooperation with a range of partners and stakeholders. These include district level agencies, State level departments, water user groups, civil society, NGOs, national government, academia etc.

Involving Stakeholders

ACIWRM uses various mechanisms and tools to listen, learn and engage with stakeholders. It organizes stakeholder consultations to receive, document, share and address all legitimate concerns and opinions from concerned stakeholders. Various consultations have been organized to prepare the basin profiles and plans, design the IWRM training curriculum and drafting of the State Water Policy 2022.

List of Consultations

Tungabhadra River Basin Profile Consultations (Multiple)

Tungabhadra River Basin Plan Consultations (Multiple)

WUCS Consultation on TLBC Modernization

WUCS Consultation on TLBC Modernization for Lower Head Reach of TLBC

Stakeholder Departments Consultation on TLBC Modernization

Consultation with KNNL on TLBC Modernization Plan

Stakeholder Consultation on Status Report on State Specific Action Plan on Climate Change (SSAPCC) for Water Sector

Consultation with National Water Mission on SSAPCC

Stakeholder Consultations on New Karnataka State Water Policy (Multiple)

Stakeholder Consultation on River Basin profiling of Ghataprabha Sub-basin

Stakeholder Consultation and Dissemination Workshop on Water Productivity Assessment of Crops, Narayanapur Left Bank Canal Using Remote Sensing

Sharing of Information and Outreach

In addition to direct engagement through various consultations, the ACIWRM website serves as the public window into the various activities of the organization. The focus is on making the information as accessible as possible, relevant and informed by the latest technologies.

A host of knowledge products, infographics, atlases, animations and posters are regularly shared with the relevant stakeholders. Additionally, ACIWRM also sends out a quarterly update `In the Flow’ to its audiences. Stakeholders can access real-time updates on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) and also have the opportunity to provide feedback and interact.

ACIWRM also actively participates in various events at the State, National and Global platforms to engage directly with wider, more diverse audiences, including informed citizens and other organisations.

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